Service hubs

Whether you need to externalise on-premise workloads, reach a new cloud destination, or upgrade your network infrastructure, you need to centrally manage your different network topologies and technologies.

What are service hubs?

InterCloud’s connectivity hubs aggregates all your traffic regionally enabling easy implement of resource-level traffic segmentation as well as granular policy-based network management.

  • Centralise access to all your external resources – improve network agility
  • Seamless transition path from your existing WAN services to SDN
  • Accelerate your strategic changes and simplify daily operations

How it works

We manage multi-modal connectivity (private, Internet Exchange peering, IP transit, etc.) and advanced services for network, security or policy administration.

  • Software-defined capabilities that support long-term infrastructure modernisation
  • Better network visibility and control facilitate cloud governance at the corporate level

Unchain the cloud, unleash your potential