Private connectivity

To connect your business-critical applications, InterCloud guarantees end-to-end security and performance of your traffic from your premises to your cloud environments using cloud service providers’ private connectivity services.

What is private connectivity?

InterCloud’s signature solution is designed for large companies that need to guarantee the performance, security, and compliance of their business-critical traffic. This end-to-end solution is unique to the market for its quality of service backed by enterprise-grade network performance SLAs.

  • Unique end-to-end solution
  • Proven quality of service
  • Enterprise-grade network performance SLAs

How it works

InterCloud’s private connectivity solution combines our software-defined platform’s premium private connectivity with Layer 3 fully managed services. Implement this solution to benefit from:

  • Connecting to any cloud service provider
  • Connecting all your routing services
  • Local loop delivery to connect sites to the InterCloud platform.

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