Our scalable managed solutions

We help you design network architectures that can flex and scale as your cloud strategy demands while complying with your corporate policies.

Our interconnection model is based on a very crucial question: Which resources do you need to interconnect?

The business and technical requirements determine the adapted connectivity mode and SLAs as well as the advanced networking features needed.

Our solutions

Private connectivity

Connect your business-critical applications

Guaranteed end-to-end security and performance of your cloud connectivity

Seamless interconnect to your multicloud’s private connectivity services

Managed peering

Optimise your business application performance

Fully managed Internet

Exchange peering design and implementation

Reduce complexity and optimise performance and reliability

Service hubs

Improve your infrastructure agility  

Multi-modal connectivity and advanced services for network, security or policy administration

Software-defined capabilities that support your infrastructure modernisation

Our latest thinking

Remove network complexity, accelerate business performance.