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Journey to the Cloud: Global companies are finding more flexible ways to access their clouds

Five months after I’ve joined InterCloud, I wanted to share my first findings on how our customers’ maturity in their cloud journeys. One key to this transformation is organisational: using innovative cloud services companies are reinventing the way they work to achieve better business agility.

One of the reasons why I joined this company is because of its impressive portfolio of global customers. Learning about the + 50 enterprises using InterCloud services to access their cloud resources worldwide, I found that they fall into three main categories corresponding to the three steps of the usual cloud journey:

  • Explorers have both assets on-prem and in the Cloud; they are usually medium-sized IT departments discovering multi-cloud and they are still growing their cloud expertise or resorting to external help when they can. They are progressively adopting a DevOps approach to free developers from infrastructure constraints. This taste of freedom combined withto the need to provide reliable and secure access to their public CSPs drives them to upgrade their connectivity services.
  • Intermediates are typically IT departments structured as internal service providers that devise a corporate multi-cloud strategy and share it with its regional branches. This category of companies usually has a digital transformation team that acts as a go-between the business units and the IT department. Although the latter has most probably adopted the DevOps methodology as well as flexible connectivity services, its cloud agility may still be hindered by the lack of direct communication between the infrastructure teams (especially network operations) and developers.
  • Experts are the companies that are leveraging the power of the Cloud to develop their applications and have solid experience with multi-cloud. As a global internal service provider driven by an ambitious transformation strategy that has translated into an agile organisation including DevOps, IT may be facing complex interregional configurations to reach CSPs and have Cloud to Cloud needs. These experts can leverage internal cloud skills, but look for support to bring their connectivity to the level of their cloud delivery.

Most of InterCloud’s customers are actually either transitioning to “intermediates” . The rest of them are progressing towards the expert stage.

In my next blog post, I will look into the typical use cases for each stage of this cloud connectivity journey and how InterCloud customers leverage these experiences to deliver agility.


Erika Gelinard

Erika is a Product Marketing Manager at InterCloud with experience in the tech industry and a great enthusiasm towards innovation.

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