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Why should your enterprise choose multi-cloud?

As we do not always have time to read use cases, get into white papers or assist at live conferences, InterCloud (Leading Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect pioneer in Europe) tries to provide simple answers to many complex questions. 

As its name suggests, multi-cloud means hosting your data on different Public Clouds. For each business need, there is a dedicated Cloud Services Provider. When enterprises build distributed applications that share resources on both private and public clouds, it is generally referred to as hybrid cloud; therefore, one of the main ideas of a multi-cloud approach is not to have to rely on a single supplier.

Why? There are several reasons. These reasons could be legal, geographical (Patriot Act, GDPR), technical (need for redundancy), or financial (need for redundancy). But there are also plenty of benefits.

- Making the most of each Cloud by building your architecture on the strengths of each Cloud Service Provider. One CSP for infrastructure, one for security, one for data... Every company has a specific need.
- Ensure and guarantee data accessibility through redundancy.
- Optimize data security by hosting them on different Cloud Service Providers. All data, as well as the infrastructure, can be replicated on different Clouds.

To interconnect Cloud, it is necessary to rely on the software approach: SDCI (Software-Defined Cloud InterConnect) to facilitate your network services management.
According to Gartner*: " By 2022, about 75% of enterprise customers using cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will adopt a deliberate multi-cloud strategy, up from 49% in 2017". With that in mind, it might be a good moment for your company to get more information about SDCI? We have released the white paper: “Your Guide To Software-Defined Cloud InterConnect.” Help Yourself.

InterCloud Team.
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*Gartner: "Comparing Multicloud Management and Governance Approaches." 

InterCloud Team

Cloud innovation brings the IT agility digital businesses need to grow and scale. At InterCloud, we believe it is high time for cloud networking to deliver on this promise as well. The massive migration of IT resources out of corporate data centers to the Cloud paved the way for new IT production methods.

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