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VivaTech 2019: InterCloud enables SNCF’s cloud transformation with network agility

For the second year in a row, InterCloud was at VivaTech, the Paris rendez-vous for start-ups & leaders. We were honored to have a booth in our major customer SNCF’s Transportation Open Lab. Our contribution as a cloud connectivity expert is to empower the French railway company with network agility to access its IT resources.


We shared the Open Transportation Lab’s ground with almost 50 start-ups, demonstrating how innovative solutions support SNCF’s business efficiency. One of these innovations is Vitirover, an autonomous mower robot that keeps the weed under control near the railways without using chemicals.

On InterCloud’s booth, we showcased how our platform enables SNCF’s migration to the Cloud as well as its reliable access to IT resources. Indeed, the railway company is engaged in a cloud-first strategy; it will move 60% of its 1500 applications to the public cloud by 2020. This is made possible thanks to the Migration Factory at the heart the IT organization.

“IT’s role is to turn Cloud providers’ innovations into SNCF-customized solutions ready to use by our internal users”, explained the CTO and Chief Transformation Officer, Rapahël Viard during an interview.


Image vivatech migration factory

Source: InterCloud's pitch at the SNCF Open Lab Transportation, VIVATECH2019


Modernize the information system

SNCF also leverages the Cloud to improve service to travellers. One key element is to modernize the information system in train stations to ensure more reliable and consistent traveler information regardless of the medium: screen, sound announcement, station staff, mobile application, website... InterCloud offers a resilient access to the database where this information has been centralized and migrated in the public cloud.


"When you make the choice to run a critical application in the Cloud, you need to fully trust the robustness of your network; InterCloud guarantees this performance and high availability." Marie-Caroline BENEZET LANFRANCHI CDO, Train stations and Connections, SNCF

 Image d’iOS (3)

During the event, Ms Bénézet pitched the traveler information display overhaul where she oversees EVA project (Enriching information, Enhancing stations, Supporting travelers). As part of the French railway's multi-cloud strategy, this transformation project is a first in terms of its scope, criticality and network requirements. The EVA project includes 30,000 display screens in French train stations.


Digital ecosystem traction

Image d’iOS (2)

“InterCloud empowers SNCF with a cloud connectivity platform that guarantees performance to access to multi-cloud resources without losing control over the infrastructure or compromising with corporate compliance”, told François Mérigot de TREIGNY, SNCF Account Manager at InterCloud to the Open Transportation Lab audience.

Another sign of SNCF’s digital ecosystem traction could be seen on social networks: Digital_SNCF was listed as one of the most influential brands on Twitter of this year’s exhibition according to Visibrain!


See you next year for the fifth edition!

#VivaSNCF! #VivaInterCloud !

François Merigot de Treigny

Global Account Director, helping companies successfully achieve their digital transformation.

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