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The private cloud, a step back in time compared to the Internet?

During a recent interview about the hybrid cloud, a journalist asked me a question, whose extreme relevance disturbed me. I was describing the many advantages of private connectivity in the Cloud by recalling the transformations of IT. Local and multi-functional applications have yielded to distributed services. Their consumption shapes the data flows that have overtaken applications. 
Since IT has turned into a web of flows, the network has become its core business. The quality of an application is now measured by the quality of the network that interconnects its components.

I was serenely unwrapping my speech, evolving in my confort zone, when I was stopped in my race by the fatal question: 

"Your private connectivity network to the cloud, isn't it a step back compared to the Internet?"

For a moment, all my certainties as a product manager were shattered. I had never questioned my mission in these terms.

After this never-ending second of deep introspection, the evidence appeared to me. No, our value proposition is neither the past nor the future of the Internet, for the simple reason that the Internet was never designed for industrial purposes.

We built our platform to leverage the security, resilience and flexibility model of the enterprise network to extend end-to-end hybrid cloud compliance and trust, particularly across the network segment that connects distributed application resources. 

Internet is a network of public networks and cannot support industrial production constraints or related commitments. High-performance private networks and the large public network co-exist and will continue to do so for the well-being of their respective users. 

Fortunately, the next question was more conventional... 


Jérôme Clauzade

Head of Product at InterCloud

AWS & InterCloud

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