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Multi-Cloud approach – why and what to expect

By | on 31, Jul 2020 |   Market Trends

A multi-cloud strategy is slowly becoming the axiom in the Cloud industry over the last few years, with research suggesting that 84% of enterprises are investigating or actively pursuing a multi-cloud[...]

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What is Istio?

By | on 24, Jan 2020 |   Tech Insights

Cloud platforms allow developers to create and run applications with ease, however the demand and consumption of shared libraries provides a challenge in most environments, and cloud-based architectur[...]

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Automated deployment is coming!

By | on 27, Dec 2019 |   Tech Insights

  We will soon enable our customers with a way to deploy connectivity through the Portal (the web interface we offer to our customers) and programmatically through our APIs by leveraging the capabilit[...]

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ONUG EUROPE 2019: Building, Running and Securing the Digital Enterprise

By | on 23, Dec 2019 |

The ONUG Europe 2019 Conference was my deep dive in the Cloud Industry for InterCloud. And I discovered some hidden treasures.

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Microsoft Envision | The Tour 2019

By | on 19, Dec 2019 |   Cloud Insights

As 2018, InterCloud attended Microsoft Ignite which has taken place in Paris on November 13 & 14. But for the first time, we’ve had the opportunity to attend Microsoft Envision, the previous Micro[...]

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AWS Partner Summit Madrid 2019: Supporting its partners' growth strategy with training

By | on 04, Nov 2019 |

As an Advanced Technology Partner, InterCloud had the honour of sponsoring the Partner Summit organized by AWS in Madrid mid-October. The opportunity for InterCloud to learn more about the AWS’ partne[...]

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Getting Started in Writing User Stories

By | on 31, Oct 2019 |   Tech Insights

Agile literature is full of guides telling you how to write awesome User Story (Independant, Negociable, Valuable, …), but all these articles are intended to address a large audience, with common good[...]

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The Azure Networking MSP Program offers cloud networking experts the visibility and tools needed to deliver end-to-end services at scale

By | on 30, Jul 2019 |   Cloud Insights

On the eve of Microsoft Inspire 2019, the InterCloud team was very honored to be among the first Microsoft partners onboarded in the new MSP program. I wanted to come back on its goal: offering an end[...]

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Microservices automated versioning with Gitlab-CI

By | on 23, Jul 2019 |

5 min read       Introduction The microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating wit[...]

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Google Cloud Summit Paris: New solutions bring flexibility to multi-cloud environments, it’s time to achieve the same agility with cloud networking

By | on 05, Jul 2019 |   Cloud Insights

Having freshly joined InterCloud, I was glad to attend the Google Cloud Summit in Paris on 18 June. I kept my presales ears open to best practices about hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

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