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ONUG EUROPE 2019: Building, Running and Securing the Digital Enterprise

The ONUG Europe 2019 Conference was my deep dive in the Cloud Industry for InterCloud. And I discovered some hidden treasures.

The ONUG Co-Founder and Co-Chair Nick LIPPIS kick started the conference with a review of the evolution of the Digital Consumer. It is so funny to think that I was part of the evolution of digital P2P transactions (from the STK menu, to NFC, then Cloud payments, what’s next?). And now I am part again of this digital transformation as tech innovation moves towards the Enterprises.

The concept of digital transformation was explored  by Bank of America’s Technology Managing Director James WALKER who shared the corporate  network transformation journey  to integrate a digital DNA into the traditional business.


A CTO chat followed to identify the challenges in operationalizing  digital strategy. All speakers agreed that CULTURE is the biggest challenge. They shared experience in retail and banks on:

  • delivering end-to-end services
  • ensuring end-to-end accountability
  • getting relevant data to understand customers
  • protecting these precious data

  ONUG 1

After listening to enterprises talk about their digital transformation pains, Cloud Providers and technology vendors came onstage to offer insight on how they simplify and accelerate these transformations.

  • Microsoft encouraged us to embrace the Zero Trust Networking Model. Highlighted that encryption may cause performance degradation especially when scaling up.
  • Google described its intelligent, self-healing network: thanks to AI and ML, it is able to detect problems and misconfigurations, avoid anomalies and auto-correct itself.
  • A former Senior Developer at Advocate for Serverless at AWS, Paul Johnston, shared a couple of fun quotes about Function as a Service.
    • “Not all FaaS are equal, because not all Clouds are equal.”
    • “Do as little as possible, move as fast as possible, learn as much as possible.”


I listened eagerly to the town hall meeting with cloud networking vendors dedicated to the tricky question of interoperability:


  • There is lack of interoperability in the CLOUD, with the leading Cloud providers not even acknowledging one another.
  • Developers can be very early on locked in by CSPs when organizing bootcamps and other trainings.
  • Valuable insight into interoperability and vendor lock-in were offered in a video interview on day 2 of the conference by Dr Douglas Comer of Purdue University:
  • Being locked in with a CSP boils down to being locked in with its business services.
  • Numerous services to migrate from one CSP to another have already emerged.
  • The next step will be to buy off contracts, as it happened in the mobile phone industry a couple of years ago.

I really appreciated  the expert tips and observations on Cloud native DevOps and on more generally on how to be always stay agile in a modern IT environment:

  • Cloud networking observability is a nightmare in complex network topologies, and it is thus very tricky to identify where a problem comes from but the good news is that this space is evolving very quickly with new solutions, features or progress coming up every few months!
  • The future is in DevSecOps, Cloud-native security or SASE – yes, the terminology is overwhelming…
  • Very soon – hopefully- sampling infrastructure at the Edge should become commodity
  • Today security means patching – only possible in automate environments. Patching is a very good option for on-prem but in the Cloud and with containers, rebuilding from scratch can make more sense.
  • Energy Sourcing – customers demand for products to be energy efficient is growing though slowly. Google Cloud Platform is 100% renewable.

The last piece of information I would like to share is that ONUG presided a voting on the key topics to be addressed by the cloud networking community:  unsurprisingly, the buzz words hybrid multi-cloud, network orchestration, and AIOps for hybrid multi-cloud are top of mind!


It was a good two days for me to understand the different players  in this Cloud ecosystem. I was delighted to go back to my Product Manager role within InterCloud to turn all this rich insight into action in 2020!

P.S. It was nice to see a number of women on the conference stage! 💪

Ma. Theresa Rosales

Product Manager at InterCloud

AWS & InterCloud

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