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Microsoft Envision | The Tour 2019

As 2018, InterCloud attended Microsoft Ignite which has taken place in Paris on November 13 & 14. But for the first time, we’ve had the opportunity to attend Microsoft Envision, the previous Microsoft Experiences.

Why this evolution? Sebastien Imbert, CMO of Microsoft France, has explained that the objective is to highlight today's technological activity.

Microsoft Ignite + Microsoft Envision are 70 sessions and talks, 1,200 m² of experiential areas, tools to develop skills... and more!


What’s the difference between Envision & Ignite?

  • Concerning Microsoft Envision, the experiential zones are organized by sector of activity and profession, artificial intelligence also finds its place by having a large dedicated competence pole. The sessions are built around the Microsoft ecosystem as well.
  • To build skills and deepen knowledge and expertise, Microsoft Ignite is the place to be!

Microsoft Envision, November 14th 2019


After a brief introduction by Carlo Purassanta, VP Area Microsoft France, Jean-Philippe Courtois, DG Global Marketing & Operations, spoke about the importance of digital transformation, particularly through the cloud, and remind us of Microsoft's mission: « To empower every individual and every organization in the world to achieve their ambitions ».

ignite 2

Jean-Philippe COURTOIS, Executive President and Vice President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft Envision 2019 in Paris.
Source: Orange Business

Indeed, every day, organizations evolve thanks to software and technologies. This transformation is now being imposed on all players and this opportunity is almost unlimited with the cloud.

This is the case of Starbucks, in China and the US, which has connected all its coffee machines to Azure Edge, to ensure predictive maintenance, to know consumption by city/store, and many other features...


According to Jean-Philippe Courtois, here are 5 steps to follow to achieve a good digital transformation :

  • An aim: Giving to everyone the abilities to realize their ambitious innovation et strategy: prompting technological intensity [technology adoption, technology ability (uniqueness added value), trust]
  • Economics and operational models
  • Skills and talent: opening AI business schools for instance
  • Corporate culture transformation: working on a new corporate culture, new working methods…


Indeed, he insisted on the fact that there is no digital transformation without cultural transformation and that it is important for each company to review its culture and way of working before taking the important step towards the cloud.


AXA, a leader in insurance, has migrated all its resources to the Azure cloud for now almost 5 years. Astrid Stange, COO, was able to share her experience with Microsoft Azure.


ignite 3

Astrid Stange, COO AXA Group & CEO AXA Group Operations, talkind about AXA’s cloud transformation with Jean-Philippe Courtois.

As stated by Astrid Stange, the cloud is the direct link to innovation and scale, adding that data privacy is really important. Before transforming to the cloud, each company should ask itself: What are the values? What is the behavior mindset to have?

In the opinion of Astrid, courage is to hand over responsibility to people. AXA had to handle technology and data in the best way while transforming the whole company into the cloud. Business people have to understand the data.

Another interesting cloud transformation feedback on which InterCloud is inspired to support its customers in a secure, flexible and scalable way. As a privileged partner Microsoft Azure since 2014, IncterCloud provides optimized connectivity solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.


Margot Rouzaut

Alliance Manager at InterCloud, handling the relationship with Cloud Service Providers

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