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NXTWORK2019: The Impact of the Cloud on telco Architectures - A Roundtable with InterCloud's CTO

NXTWORK2019 Paris is the annual partner and customer summit hosted by Juniper Networks for the EMEA markets. As a long-term technology partner of Juniper, InterCloud's CTO, Benjamin RYZMAN was there, and participated in a round table "The impact of the Cloud on telco architectures", moderated by Marc Rispoli:

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Marc Rispoli, Juniper Networks: During this panel, I would like to discuss some trends in terms of network architectures provided by network service providers/Telecom operators, particularly the attributes and principles of the Cloud.

Thirty years ago, Sun Microsystems' mantra was: "The Network is the Computer". Today, we can see the computer, or even the Cloud Stack has become the Network, by hosting network functions and services. This is what I call the Cloudification of network infrastructures.

We will try to illustrate this twist of history, that has been anticipated for a decade, through the concept of IT/Telecoms convergence.

To begin with, let's give the floor to Benjamin Ryzman, CTO of InterCloud.

Benjamin, can you briefly introduce us to InterCloud and more specifically to your value proposition for cloud connectivity?


Benjamin Ryzman, InterCloud's CTO: Marc, in a nutshell, for more than seven years, InterCloud has been helping large enterprises move to the cloud by providing them with a dedicated and private end-to-end connectivity platform. We provide our customers with traffic isolation, visibility and performance. Our private network is global, connected to all cloud providers and heavily relies on Juniper products.




M.R: To keep your promise of agile customized services, InterCloud implemented network automation principles early on, can you give us some details about your achievements and your project pipeline?


B.R: We adapt our offer to the constraints of our European customers, whether they are major industrials or finance players. To secure and protect their data, they are multiplying their cloud providers. That's why we primarely focused our automation efforts on developping connectivity APIs to AWS, Microsoft, IBM and Google. But we also cover CSPs such as Oracle, SAP, T-Systems, OVH or Orange. Our customers thus benefit from the full diversity of the ecosystem's offers.
Over the years, we have built a Factory which produces fully automated private connectivity to these CSPs and exposes our own API. We work closely with DevOps teams at our customers' sites to facilitate the integration of our offer with the various infrastructure automation tools. We are happy to share our experience of this kind of tools.


M.R: What is your roadmap for the virtualization of network functions, particularly around the Smart Edge concept?


B.R: Our customers are increasingly using our API and we are happy to increase the possibilities offered by our Factory. By implementing NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) in our Smart Edges, our customers can deploy security and application performance optimization functions on demand and instantly. That way, we make it possible to deploy any type of critical application in any cloud. 
By enabling our customers to equip their cloud connectivity with the tools they are used to having on their existing infrastructure, we ensure that all application flows are under control, regardless of their origin.


 If you would like to know more about how InterCloud can help you securely and efficiently connect any kind of critical application in any cloud by deploying security or application performance optimization functions on demand and instantly, reach out to us



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