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Getting Started in Writing User Stories

Agile literature is full of guides telling you how to write awesome User Story (Independant, Negociable, Valuable, …), but all these articles are intended to address a large audience, with common good sense advices.

But I always felt a lack of a pragmatic, return of experience driven list of good practices. How can I be more efficient to avoid common pitfall of communication in a development team.

With this idea in mind, I started gathering methods and habits (I learned the hard way) I used to apply in my previous job, and I tried to write a practical guideline to efficient User Story that will, I hope so, help you avoid common pitfall and misunderstanding between Product Owners and Developers.

Know your product

It was the first advice one of my managers gave to me. He often used to ask me how the product was working, how the user had to do to perform a specific action, and if I didn’t answer correctly, he used to say: “You don’t know your product”


Damn, she’s right !

I am now convinced that you can not write a good user story if you can’t use correctly your product, or if you can’t explain how it work.

You don’t have to be an technical expert in any field of technology but I am sure you can’t be efficient if you can’t roughtly understand the core concepts of your product.


Jean-Thierry Bonhomme

Jean-Thierry is Director Of Development, Portal & API at InterCloud who likes improving digital culture, bringing agility at enterprise-scale level, making people think “out of the box”, and supporting teams all along their transformation initiatives.

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