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How enterprises get the most out of cloud applications?

As we don't always have time to read use cases, immerse ourselves in white papers or assist at live conferences. InterCloud, (Leading Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect pioneer in Europe) can provide the simple answers needed to some of the many complex questions, which need asking.

As companies move their IT resources to the Cloud, they assume that their network connectivity can provide the same level of performance and security they had "on-premise" while allowing the flexibility promised by the cloud.
Moving to the cloud is much more complex than that; connectivity issues are often big impediments. When it comes to cloud infrastructure or applications, each department within the enterprise has specific business needs and specific uses: from accessing multiple destinations in a flexible way to connecting them with each other, whilst ensuring the security of the whole hybrid cloud model, end to end.
To satisfy those needs and expectations of each service, how do we do it?
So here we are. Firstly, you need to find the CSP that best fits your needs. Does it also depend on what you are looking to host? Maybe one CSP is better for infrastructure, and another is better for the data? Do they need to communicate with each other? It takes considerable research and commitment to find the best cloud provider. Depending on which cloud application or infrastructures you use, you might need to go through several suppliers, resulting in long-term costly contracts. 

But is Cloud still an IT issue? Since lack of performance, lack of security, and lack of flexibility impact the overall business performance of all the company's departments, it is nowadays a global issue. Whether it concerns underperforming applications, unhappy customers, or security threats, it will impact the company and affect its ability to compete with the competition.
With its global application platform, InterCloud is the only Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect (SDCI) provider capable of delivering turnkey, end-to-end managed services that enable Enterprises to simplify their infrastructures by giving them greater visibility and control multi-cloud applications.
Through the InterCloud platform, Enterprises can optimize the management of their network services, enabling them to shape their enterprise cloud strategy to fit business requirements with no compromise on security or performance.

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Cloud innovation brings the IT agility digital businesses need to grow and scale. At InterCloud, we believe it is high time for cloud networking to deliver on this promise as well. The massive migration of IT resources out of corporate data centers to the Cloud paved the way for new IT production methods.

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