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Don't judge a book by its cover: Legal & compliance, a sexy job.

It is easy to be fooled by stereotypes. We all have these ideas of what things should be like. Even jobs. I’m sure some of you believe that HR are supposed to be annoying, Engineers a secret society that can only be understood by peers... I could go on and on.

But by taking the time to understand what people were actually doing, and who people really are, I realised that a job is what the person doing it puts into it. I know, it sounds complicated, but bear with me a little longer.

For some people, recruiting consists in finding someone to fill a blank because a job needs to be done. Luckily for me, and for all of us actually, it is not true. At least not everywhere. I would define recruitment as finding the right person, with the right mindset, for a specific role in a specific context. And it is clear that anyone could be the right fit for a company and not the other, without questioning its competencies.

When I started at InterCloud, it was important for me to understand who the people making the company really are, what are their job, and what makes their job different than the same role somewhere else.
And I discovered a whole lot of passionate, funny and smart people I thought it would be interesting to tell you about, for you to get another point of view of what it could be like to work with them.

So for my first piece, I will tell you about the most unconventional team I met : Legal and Compliance. I see your faces right now, you all think I am out of my mind. What could it be to talk about ?! Well let me introduce Legal and Compliance the InterCloud way.

legal compliance zozos4


In all my previous jobs, those functions always seemed to be out of reach.  So the first thing that striked me with this specific team is its position within the company. They don’t wait for people to come to them with their issue. They really embody the question all support functions should be asking : « how can I help you so that you can do your job ? ». And it is really important as it is when a support function takes it up a notch, and becomes a Business Partner.            
The team really tries to understand the issues other departments are facing and to see how they can help to address them. It is not just about telling people what they can and cannot do. It is about helping them to reach their goal. And trust me when I tell you it changes the whole dynamic.

Sometimes I see them spending hours with other teams (especially the product and sales teams, but we’ll get to them in another post) and they do all sorts of funny things like speaking about customers projects and equipments in words I don’t get, writing on glass walls or drawing squares, arrows and circles with coloured pencils. Boy I didn’t think they were the creative type. But they definitely blend in and contribute as much as any other to the success of the company.

When we recruited Xavier, our Quality and Process guru, I asked him how he would proceed in order to introduce new processes within the company. I expected him to give me a list of things that need to be done and theory I would probably not understand. But he definitely got all my attention when he gave THE unexpected answer: « I would, first, talk to everybody to understand their way of working, in order to formalise what they are already doing. Then we will work together on how to improve it ».
I don’t want to put words in his mouth but I believe this is when he convinced Nicolas, our super multitasking Head of Legal and Compliance (plus sometimes Helpdesk), to hire him as it is the mindset that could define the whole team. And Hanaé, Legal Super Expert, proved my theory to be right when she started working on GDPR at the company level and took up on herself to figure out what we were all doing and how, in order to start being as compliant as possible regarding this new regulation.

The three of them defined what their role is supposed to be, and they decided it was about contributing to the company’s success by supporting teams in their daily job.

However, there is ONE thing this team is not really good at… I’m not sure I’m allowed to tell you but hey, it is important to give you the full picture on what they are really like. I am therefore sorry to report that they are really bad at jokes. All of them. But it is so bad it is hilarious so I guess they are forgiven !

We currently don’t have openings to join them but the cool thing is, as this team is working with litteraly the whole company, you can still apply to another of our positions in order to try and get the chance to work with them. You know what to do. 

Bela Baldé

Talent Manager using her HR superpowers to support the company and its people in their development.

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