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Do you speak Go language?

Go Language at InterCloud

If you think, Go is only a millennial Chinese board game. You might need to read this article.

If you’re not a developer, you might never have heard of Golang, open-source programming developed by Google language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.
This programming language is relatively new compared to other established languages such as PHP, Python, or JavaScript.

Why is Go successful?

First of all, Go is successful because Go has been built with reliability in mind. Go is not everywhere because it’s fashion; it’s everywhere because it has proven that industry leaders can trust it and build outstanding products on it.
Such as any project launched by Google, Go is accessible and final-user driven. In fact, Go allows massive visibility in the code; it’s easy to read. Moreover, Go is just at the beginning of its era. In fact, compared to established languages, Go is becoming more and more appealing because it’s still evolving.
Another Go advantage is the online builder, “The Playground'' running on Golang servers that offer flexibility and easier environments to develop and run programs inside a sandbox and return the output. Moreover,  developers can profit from the “Tour of Go,” which allows having an exhaustive overview of the language. Those two tools make Go accessible and easier to improve your skills.
Of course, the community is significant but is not as huge as the Python community or Node JS community. Thus,  it’s totally normal compared to the number of users (within companies or not). 

The main technological reasons for using GoLang inside InterCloud are:

Reliable: Go is scalable, resilient, and solid. Some of the leading enterprises use GoLang to the DevOps tools such as Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code that allows automating the construction of data centers infrastructure resources such as networks, VMs, security groups, or databases.
State of the Art: Go is aligned with today’s problems. It’s shaped to solve many issues that we encounter today in web development. Moreover, the scalability of this language permits developers to work on high scale projects.
Convenient: A more pragmatic argument is a  comfortable environment for day-to-day use.  
Standalone Binary: Go is a compiled language providing developers the power to compile an application to a single executable binary file without any dependency. 
Fast learning curve: Go is built to encourage fast learning and easy adaptation. Easy to understand for juniors, well structured for seniors. Everybody wins.

InterCloud's developer's team uses Golang to build and maintain our backend stack, exposing our REST API to the world.
Our Terraform plugin is also a built-in golang, providing InterCloud customers a way to interact with our platform through Terraform configuration. That's where the Network As Code journey begins!

Wanna know more about the DevOps approach? Do not hesitate to check on InterCloud Site Reliability Engineer: Kevin Frapin and his amazing introduction to Terraform.

InterCloud Team.
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