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Creating a multicloud highway for your branch offices with InterCloud

More and more businesses are looking to create multicloud environments in order to take advantage of the cost and performance benefits offered by different cloud providers. But setting up and managing a multicloud environment can be difficult, especially when it comes to connecting branch offices and selecting the best WAN strategy.

The top three challenges when connecting branch to office

#1: The cloud traffic tromboning challenge
When a company shifts its data to the cloud, data centres are often not optimised for the type of network they use. This results in sub-optimal performances such as increased latency because requests are sent through the HQ or the primary site instead on taking the most optimal route directly between branch sites which can cause congestion in the data centre. As a result, this is inherently slower than if you were accessing from only one location.

#2: The multicloud complexity challenge
When expanding branches over multiple regions, it is even more challenging for businesses to have a uniform multicloud access. The complexity and cost becomes exponentially higher with each new region you need to connect from because there will be many internet branches coming into each cloud provider which means an increase in Cloud Gateways as well as egress fees.

#3: The legacy network challenge
Legacy networks make it difficult to add cloud access when traffic segmentation is required. In these legacy systems, if different branch offices want some clouds but not others they need ACLs configured on each router which leads towards slow deployment and hard maintenance practices

All of these challenges can be overcome with the right multicloud connectivity solution. Enterprise customers can benefit from a variety of features, such as direct interconnection to multiple clouds, flexible provisioning, on-demand bandwidth, and more.

InterCloud Edge Doorway: building a multicloud highway for branch offices

How can businesses leverage both private connectivity and public connectivity in the most reliable, secure way to connect local workloads to local branch offices where the data is produced and consumed with the right balance of business performance vs cost?

With the right solution in place, enterprises can confidently take advantage of the many benefits of multicloud connectivity.

That's where managed SD-WAN comes in which can help you overcome these challenges by providing a private connection between your branch offices and the cloud. In addition, a managed SD-WAN solution can provide you with the flexibility and security to connect to multiple clouds, which can further improve your resilience.

InterCloud’s Edge Doorway for SD-WAN is a new connectivity service available to on-board our customer SD-WAN branch sites to the InterCloud platform, and extend their SD-WAN network to multicloud access by leveraging the InterCloud platform services.

Benefits at a glance 

Faster deployment Simplicity Network performance to multicloud
Rapid provisioning of SD-WAN hub device, closer to the branches. Reduce complexity
Minimize the number of SD-WAN appliances in CSPs.
Avoid internet traffic tromboning through a central location of the customer network (data centre / HQ).
Low latency connectivity to multicloud on the middle mile.
Scalability with on-demand upgrade of SD-WAN hub device to support more sites or bandwidth when business demands. Common connectivity solution to branch sites, data centres and multicloud access through the InterCloud platform. Controlled private access to multicloud with the InterCloud platform SLA
Central management of the network policies. Managed multicloud access routing.

Simple handling of traffic segmentation for subsidiaries or business units.
Security compliancy and better service assurance to the business units.

To find out what the key considerations for CIOs are when it comes to connecting branch offices, read our previous blog: here

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