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A Haskell trip [part 2] : Let's discover haskell syntax


Now that the high level design is clear enough to be used. Let's introduce haskell. This project is my first in this wonderful language and the opportunity to introduce the language with my fresh eyes.


Let's enter the Haskell world

Let's take a breath and introduce Haskell. Sometime when I go to conferences I fell like Haskell is a label for programmers. If you know Haskell you must be smart. Well ... maybe that's why you are reading my post. Smart or not Haskell is nerd fun.

When you learn new languages it's practical to use analogies from one language to an other. A lot among us learned Html then Javascript then PHP then Cpp or other order/combination including python, lua, golang, ruby or many other languages.
Learning Haskell is not a jump from the previous language you learned (unless you've studied an other functional language). It's a new world. Each new Haskell line will learn you something : a brand new vision of computer programming !

Introducing Haskell is not that easy since it's a jump to a new world. I'll take a rather unusual way, if you want "classical" ways you'll see interesting books in the references. The goal here is to introduce concepts we needed to create askBarrel.


Meet the haskell syntax

Haskell is a rich universe with many entrance doors.

Mine is somehow singular, I find Haskell syntax graphically beautiful.

One thing that can loose you when learning haskell is the symbols such as =>, ::, ->, $,<$. It's based on many useful concepts. Once the concept is yours the symbol will come naturally. You'll ask yourself I want to do that I know there is a glyph for it.

The goal of this project is to make a REPL parser. Our main objects are strings (a list of char [Char]) so we'll focus on it.


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