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A Haskell trip [part 1]: high level design for askBarrel a REPL client for barrelDB


Disclamer : this part is not about haskell, it's the high level design of the project, if you want code right now go to the part 2.

A year ago I created a POC for a repl client for the interesting barrelDB. It was a pet project, and gave me the opportunity to explore Haskell basics.

A year after I made a kind of ok but not great talk about functional programming in C++. I learned a lot doing it seems like my interest for functional programing stayed.

I met @benoic the author of barrelDB which encourage me to make this POC a real thing. We discussed and I identified subjects to be addressed.


What is askBarrel ?

askBarrel is a barrelDB command line client.

A comparable project would be psql for postgres.

It's goal is to be able to get and put documents to barrelDB and to get information on the barrelDB nodes.


Read the full article, here:


In this first post we get to know the basic design of askBarrel a command line barrelDB client. For most developer (that mean at least me) it's rather frustrating not to see a line of code but getting the lights of the high level design helps not to fall in the shadow of bad code.


Part 2 will be an introduction on haskell focused on the concepts needed to do the first part of the project :
the Transport library.

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