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Testing REST APIs in Go

By | on 16, May 2022 |

Nowadays, no developer would dare to release an API without tests. But writing API tests is time consuming and painful. We will see in this article how we can do so without pain. Source code for examp[...]

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Go Generics

By | on 21, Apr 2022 |

Generics are the most important new feature of the 1.18 version of Go that was just released. I offer you a quick tour of this new feature in this article.

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From Monolithic to Agile Architectures

By | on 02, Mar 2022 |

The advent of many technological breakthroughs has drastically changed how enterprises’ IT conceive and deploy their applications. This has been made possible thanks to Software-Defined Technologies t[...]

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InterCloud is thrilled to collaborate with Amazon Web Services with the intention to offer a managed solution that supports AWS Cloud WAN.

By | on 02, Dec 2021 |

Announced at Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent in public preview, AWS Cloud WAN improves network security with built-in network segmentation capabilities that make it easier for customers to manage [...]

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InterCloud and the DevOps approach

By | on 29, Apr 2021 |   Market Trends

DevOps approach at InterCloud To make a standard definition, the DevOps approach is a way of thinking and organizing your IT department to enhance collaboration between Software Development and IT Ope[...]

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Do you speak Go language?

By | on 14, Apr 2021 |   Market Trends

Go Language at InterCloud If you think, Go is only a millennial Chinese board game. You might need to read this article. If you’re not a developer, you might never have heard of Golang, open-source pr[...]

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Smart Cloud Connectivity as code

By | on 01, Apr 2021 |   Market Trends

Smart Cloud Connectivity as code

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Mistakes to avoid in your multicloud strategy

By | on 23, Mar 2021 |   Market Trends

Common mistakes in a multicloud project

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How enterprises can accelerate infrastructure modernization?

By | on 16, Mar 2021 |   Market Trends

Accelerating infrastructure modernization

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How enterprises get the most out of cloud applications?

By | on 09, Mar 2021 |   Market Trends

How enterprises get the most out of their cloud app?

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